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Thus, if you switch to go modules, and if your module is called "m", then the idiomatic way to do relative imports in your project tree would be to use: import "m/utils" and import "m/controllers" in places where you need to import those packages in your project. Go Import. One of the main use cases of the Go language with Elements is to use functionality from one of the countless existing Go libraries in your own project. Of course, it is always possible to just add the .go source files to your project directly, but for using complete libraries there's an easier way: Go Imports.

Go imports

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Aliased imports in Go. Go supports aliased imports that means we can use aliasing to define another name of the same 3. The dot import. We can use a 2018-08-07 2013-05-26 If you are using Go 1.5 above, you can try to use vendoring feature. It allows you to put your local package under vendor folder and import it with shorter path.

Go imports

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go-imports. Emacs package for adding imports. Setup.

Usually package depends on other packages either those built-in into the standard library or 3rd parties.
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Go imports

Add something like below to ~/.emacs: (add-hook 'go-mode-hook #'(lambda() (require 'go-imports) (define-key go Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Go Imports, LLC (Entity# 20171662325) is a business entity registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). The business start date is August 30, 2017. The principal address is 44 Cook Street, Suite 255, Denver, CO 80206. go-group-imports. VSCode extension for separating imports in Go files into three groups: Standard library imports, Third party imports, Own (belonging to the organization) imports.

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